The Student Editorial Group

A Student Editorial Group has been convened from schools across the country to assist in the editorial content, design and distribution of Education Today magazine (by subscription to schools, educators and readers throughout New Zealand) and its slip edition Learning Auckland.

Learning Auckland magazine is produced by Education Today Ltd as part of the work the not-for-profit publishing company is doing with Cognition Education and education professionals in line with the Learning Auckland accord, Whakakotahitanga te Ara Matauranga, and helps bring the student voice to work with a wide range of collaborators for a shared goal.

Learning Auckland is also part of the Auckland Plan strategy ‘putting children and young people first’. The Learning Auckland Accord, and the Learning Auckland and Education Today magazines, require the close involvement of the people intended to benefit from the education initiatives – young people. 

Members of the Student Editorial Group meet with the magazine staff and, in the case of Learning Auckland, with members of the Learning Auckland Accord to contribute to the content of the magazines. 

Membership of the Student Editorial Group, from anywhere in the country, is flexible and allows the students to align their work in the group to their own learning objectives, and to gain academic recognition and credits for their work. Some editorial group members have been involved for several years and continue their involvement as they move on to tertiary education.

The overall strategy for Education Today Ltd is to help engender an effective student voice and student agency in education. 

Stories, opinion editorial, photographs, and ideas can be submitted by all students for inclusion in both Education Today and Learning Auckland magazines. Work is accepted from students anywhere in the country, whether they are members of the student editorial group or not, for inclusion in both magazines. Relevant teachers must be copied to all emails, and school principals must be informed where photographs are taken on school grounds. Send stories and material to production [at] educationtoday [dot] co [dot] nz

Education Today Ltd considers original comic art to be a valuable education tool. Cartoons and comic strips from students anywhere in the country can be submitted via Education Today’s comic strip curator, Alfriston College deputy principal Steve Saville, s [dot] saville [at] alfristoncollege [dot] school [dot] nz

Email production [at] educationtoday [dot] co [dot] nz for more information, or phone 0277344756.

  • Alicia Baxter, Massey High School

  • Caitlin Papuni McLellan

  • Courtney Cooper

  • Helen Ta'alo, Former Otahuhu College

  • Isobel Pepper, former Palmerston North Girls High

  • Jemma Keeley, Onslow College

  • Kayla McShane, Flanshaw Rd

  • Leila Bailey-Moore

  • Brielle Nielsen, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Caitlin Rushton, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Paul Uatisone, Otahuhu College

  • Charlotte Collins, University of Auckland

  • Prabhjot Kaur, Alfriston College

  • Earl Fakaotimanava-Lui, Alfriston College

  • Edmond Fakaotimanava-Lui, Alfriston College

  • Frances Morrison, Correspondence School, Central Otago

  • Mia Reihana, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Rose Clarke, Onslow College

  • Chantal Fitisemanu, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Jason Tevaga, St Paul's College

  • Katelyn Eden, University of Auckland

  • Khaylitsa Lolohea, St Paul's College

  • Linda Whittaker, Wainuiomata College

  • Linda Yang, Alfriston College

  • Mareko Tupaea-Petero, Alfriston College

  • Melissa McDonald-Swears, Alfriston College

  • Gabby Westerlund, Alfriston College

  • Geena Stanley, Massey High School

  • Jaazib Mirza, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Kea Churchill, Flanshaw Road Primary School

  • Lieske Beach, Massey High School

  • Ciccone Hakaraia-Turner, Nga Kakano o te Kaihanga Kura

  • Ahmed Rajeh, Alfriston College

  • Michael Sanders, Hutt International Boy's School

  • Zinzan Smith, Christchurch

  • Sarah Henderson, Massey University

  • Helen Latu, Otahuhu College

  • Vasi Lemoto, Otahuhu College

  • Ana Tuita, Otahuhu College

  • Krizelle Requilman, Alfriston College

  • Paula Putara, Otahuhu College

  • Belinda Ryan

  • Betty Feiloakitohi

  • Gina Sinaunea

  • Hilary Dutton

  • Mathew Ditchburn, Otago University

  • Santiphap Soumphonphakdy

  • Shelley Waddams

  • Stephanie Weatherill

  • Tauhinemaru Pepe

  • Tilak Patel

  • Carolynn Reddell

  • Brittney Flavell

  • Anna Neumann

  • Talei Timakata, Wesley College

  • Taylor Mitchell, Albany Senior High School

  • Rae Stott, Albany Senior High School

  • Luti Fakaalofa, Otahuhu College

  • Veisinia Ha'unga, Kia Aroha College

  • Sharmiela Loua, Otahuhu College

  • Masiu Filihia, Kia Aroha College

  • Bayley Johansson, Wesley College

  • Cheran Hawkins, Otahuhu College