Submitting Stories and Photos

Students, educators and education stakeholders are welcome to submit articles and photos for publishing in our magazines and website.

Articles can include short photo-captions where the story is told beneath the photograph of the activity, through to longer pieces of up to 1200 words. Generally, around 800-600 words is a good length for an article. Opinion editorial pieces are also welcome.

Submitted items will be edited to our magazine and website style. If it is selected for publishing, the writer will be sent the edited piece to ensure material facts have not been changed. Photographs of students should be accompanied by a completed photo permission form, and a caption including student name, Year group and school, plus a few words on what is happening in the photo.

Submitted material should include a photograph of the writer and about 50 bio words, and a contact phone number. We will reply to all submitters.

All photographs remain the property of Education Today Limited, and should be sent either on disc, or as (minimum) 1MB jpeg attachments.

Send articles and photos to production [at] educationtoday [dot] co [dot] nz with the subject line SUBMITTED STORY.